Set up by John Gull and Malgo Dzierugo, Espresso Library opened on February 9th 2015. The couple wanted to create a space which reflected their interests and what they are passionate about - John is an eager road cyclist and time trialist, mathematician, chess enthusiast and coffee lover. Malgo is an art historian, yoga teacher and a keen cook with interest in simple, healthy and nutritious food. 

Espresso Library is a unique multi-use hangout space focused on creating a broad and organic community of people keen to share their passions. We are an open and accessible space where people of all backgrounds come to immerse themselves in what makes them feel alive. The space is a fusion of a cycling cafe, art gallery, specialty coffee shop, restaurant and a bar. 

In love with speciality coffee, at Espresso Library we take pride in how we prepare your coffee and where we source it from. 

Our coffee is roasted by by Rory and Marcella of The Coffee Officina just the other side of the Cambridgeshire border, in Essex. 

We are always striving to source the best and most interesting coffees we can.Two of the most important parts of sourcing our coffee are transparency and education.We want to be able to tell our customers exactly where our coffee is from and why they taste the way they do.This way we can ensure that people at every stage of the coffee process are getting a good deal, from the dedicated people hand picking the coffee cherries, to the person enjoying the expertly-prepared coffee. Just like any other crop, coffee is seasonal, so we are always trying to select coffees that are at their best. Doing this involves a lot of research and experimentation so we can ensure that our coffee is of the highest standard possible.
— Rory & Marcella of The Coffee Officina

We make all our espresso based drinks using the Slayer Espresso machine, which has been custom made for us in Seattle- in Cambridge Blue of course! The process of making each espresso is manual and takes a lot of attention to detail by our baristas- they start with a short preinfusion to saturate the coffee slowly, and then move on to the full extraction to make the most of the espresso. 

To read more about us and our coffee more check out our blog.

In August 2015, Espresso Library won a Food and Drinks Award for the Best Tearoom/Coffee Shop of the Year organised by Cambridge News. The kind Judge in this category said about the cafe:

Espresso Library is a relaxed place where you can go with a friend to chat for an afternoon, write your thesis or people-watch without feeling rushed. All that while having the most amazing, healthy and good value lunch, snack, coffee or juice
— Nadia Stopnicer of Pretty Tasty

We organise a range of events at the cafe - make sure to include us in your social calendar. Check out what's on.