REBEKA - Live at Espresso Library

After months of planning and preparations, Sunday the 20th of September arrived, much to our excitement. Never before could we have even imagined putting on an event like this! SOLD OUT with a couple of days to go, the gig was hugely anticipated by a whole bunch of people. As for us, we feel very privileged to have been able to introduce you to REBEKA, a duo who's debut album "HELLADA" has seen us through many busy days at the cafe. And as you have all seen, our team behind the counter were going crazy to the tunes! We are hoping to see the band again in 2016. Take a look at some pictures from last night, taken by our very own Espresso Librarian, Anta Mai. 

Listen to REBEKA here.

Check out Cambridge's own DJ VIC TANDY (Support) here.

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