Get started coding with Cambridge Coding Academy and Espresso Library

As part of Cambridge Coding Academy and Espresso Library’s Learn to Code series, we’re running a range of free 1 hour taster sessions that introduce core programming concepts. Creating an evening of coffee, culture and code!

On 16 November, our latest crash course explored JavaScript - the most popular programming language for the web. For anyone new to coding - websites are almost always a combination of HTML - to structure the content, CSS - to add styling and JavaScript - to make your webpage interactive.

Building upon a basic website framework, we covered how to code personalised pop-up greeting messages and simple booking forms. Which were immediately put to good use… to place orders for espresso, Champagne cocktails and classic Cambridge Gin. This JavaScript interactivity and user feedback plays a key role in creating the dynamic online experiences you encounter when browsing the web.

Taking place each month, these hugely popular sessions provide a fun and easy way to start coding if you’ve never done it before. You will gain a general overview of programming, explore different programming languages, get hands on experience to build products and receive expert advice from the Cambridge Coding Academy team.

Check out what happened at the recent Learn to Code evenings and stay turned for the next crash course update!

by Olivia Hughes / Marketing Communications Manager at the Cambridge Coding Academy

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