Veggie March

If you visit Espresso Library on a regular basis, you probably noticed that our menu is predominantly vegetarian and vegan. We believe that eating a mainly veggie diet is the way forward!

With March just round the corner, we'd like to invite you to challenge what you know about the food you eat and what impact it has on the environment.

Starting already on the 1st of March, you have an opportunity to join a free discussion on the impact the meat we eat has on the planet, and our health ("Squash the Beef" held at Espresso Library). To register, follow

On the 9th of March, Cambridge University will hold a panel which aims to explore both the arguments surrounding reduced meat consumption and the role that policy could and should play in changing what people eat. For more information follow

On Tuesday, 29nd of March, we will host our first Espresso Library Vegan Supper Club, a pop-up catered by E.L.'s Co-Founder Malgo, who follows a plant based diet. We will post more details about the supper club soon so stay tuned!

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