ON SHOW: Loukas Morley


Loukas Morley was born in 1973 and lives and works in Cambridge. He has exhibited widely, recently In pursuit of beauty – perfect imperfections, Updown Gallery, Ramsgate; - What Cannot Be Contained: Contemporary British Painting, Smiths Row, Bury St Edmonds; The Fall Of The Rebel Angels - VENEZIA 56, 56th International Biennale, Venice; Sunday in the Park with Ed, Display Gallery, London, Espresso Library Café, Cambridge and Churchill College, Cambridge.  His work is held in a number of private collections and the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Loukas uses reclaimed materials and found objects and frames them so that they become the starting point for something else, or can be looked at as they are now but in a cool, calm setting so that a discarded and squashed shopping basket is made central. Its setting lets us see and recognise it again, and differently.

Loukas rescues materials and shows us what we have let happen to them, and if we see with proper eyes we recognise what they were before, and the recognition causes a deeper feeling to open its eye inside us so that we are more sensible to things and to ourselves. Some call this feeling humanity and others call it God, but whatever we call it we’re generally better for having it.
— Judith Liddell-King

He is spare and precise in his work, and his paintings are like traces of a performance that took place in his studio. The materiality of paint and its physical relationship with the body, enable him to choreograph compositions that are the tangible placements of his mark making, and with playful spontaneity that capture energetic moments held fast in translucent resin.


His artwork is about beauty. He is aware of perfection and within the creative process, his mental and emotional response to the materials go beyond vocalisation. His practice recognises the value of not knowing where the creative process is leading him and enjoys it as a space of possibilities, allowing for more scope of the unexpected, fluid and constantly changing nature. This affect enables him to enter a meditative state exploring the capabilities of materials, their versatility as a medium, the process and act of the making art.

Bridget Cusack

PHOTOGRAPHS BY Clement Hodgkinson (instagram.com/clementhodgkinson/) & Toby Rooney (instagram.com/ginger_toby/)

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