5 reasons to go veggie with us for 7 days...

Today is the World Vegetarian Day and to celebrate it we dare you to take a 7 day vegetarian challenge with us! We all know we should eat less meat for the benefit of our own health as much as the planet's (even Jamie Oliver's been doing it "part time"), however it often is tricky to kick the habit or think outside the "meat and two veg" box when planning dinner. Challenging yourself to go fully vegetarian (or even vegan!) for just a week will help you shift your perspective and you might even end up finding one or two new recipes you won't be able to do without after! 


We find that the best thing to do is to plan ahead. Set some time aside this afternoon and choose what you'll make or have for dinner everyday in the next 7 days- don't just eat pasta with pesto every night! Choose the recipes for your meals and think of which restaurant you'll go to this week if you're planning to go out - maybe even check their menu online or phone ahead to make sure there'll be something for you there. Take a good look at what's in your fridge - don't forget that you can freeze the meat that's already there, no need to eat it all at once! One thing left to do is plan your shopping to make cooking this week easier- although we highly recommend you work with what you've already got as much as possible (spices, condiments, those cans of beans you've had at the back of your cupboard for ages). That said, try and challenge yourself with at least one meal this week, try new flavours or learn a new recipe for a dish you've never tried before.


We're here to help you! Check out our 5 Reasons to Go Veggie with Us for 7 Days:



Did you know that over 70% of our breakfast, lunch & dinner options are vegetarian or vegan? With so many dishes to choose from you'll soon realise this is hardly a *challenge*! Our menu at Espresso Library reflects what we stand for: we believe a balanced diet is great for one's wellbeing as well as keeping healthy energy levels - so important  for when you're out on the bike! A predominantly vegetarian or vegan approach- otherwise known as flexitarianism is a great place to start to get more excited about eating more fruit and veg. 


Ever since we launched our dinner service this summer our veggie dishes have been leading the way! One of our best-sellers, the Tummy Loving Burger has been winning it's way to people's hearts ever since (through their stomachs that is...). Make sure to visit us for dinner this week to try it. Our evening service is available from Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm.


Right from the day we opened in the early 2015 we have been serving a variety of plant based alternatives to organic dairy milk as an integral part of our offering. Currently our plant powered options include, Bonsoy SoyaRude Health Almond and Oatly Barista Oat drinks - and we love them all! The week we want encourage you to switch to plant milk in addition to your 7 day veggie challenge and to help you on your way we're offering the Oatly Oat Milk for your espresso-based drinks at no extra charge! 


At Espresso Library we serve a few vegan cakes which are available most days, such as a delicious Tiffin or a Lemon and Blueberry Cake by Kath's Kitchen. Why not try a piece with your afternoon coffee at some point this week? Alternatively we challenge you to bake a vegan cake at home! Simply google a veganised recipe of your favourite cake or try a Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake we shared on our blog once before.  


There are many fascinating endurance athletes out there who advocate a plant-rich diet, from an ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek to the ultra-athlete Rich Roll. On our menus you'll find plenty of well-balanced nutrient-dense dishes perfect for everybody, athletes included. Next time you're in for that avo on toast opt for a sweet & smoky pan fried tempeh as your topping. This wonderful product made from fermented soy beans is more digestible that tofu and its complex and satiating flavour will positively surprise you! 


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