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Introduction to speciality coffee

At Espresso Library we do speciality coffee.

What is speciality coffee?

Speciality coffee is characterised by care and attention, beginning with the growing process, through the artistry of the coffee roasters and finally into Espresso Library's loving embrace. The second thing that makes our industry so compelling is its transparency. This allows us to know exactly where our coffee is coming from at every stage, from farm to cup.

The history of coffee is a rich one and one that has been written about extensively, meaning we always have literature to dip into. But, we don’t want to talk too much about the industry specifics or the technical details of extracting the perfect espresso, as so many good blogs already do, but talk more about why we do speciality coffee at all. 

Here at Espresso Library our final decision lies in what elements really makes a great coffee.

In London, speciality coffee is already evolving, progressing and pioneering, while in Cambridge it is continuing to find its feet. The cafe scene is really beginning to blossom in this historical city.

The wider industry filled with energetic people, leaders such as Matt Perger (, James Hoffman ( are creating content that is expanding our knowledge base and inspiring us to bring out the best in the coffee. Doing so, for us, is incredibly exciting and with (partially caffeine fuelled) enthusiasm we try every day to get the best out of our coffee.

So we lavish care and attention on coffee, and for what?

Coffee can be incredibly functional.

We all know that caffeine boost first thing in the morning or the mid afternoon shot that fuels those hours of productivity. However, it can be much more than that.

We believe making a delightful cup of coffee is a ceremony, a ritual and we love being present with it. We grind the coffee beans fresh, ground to a specific recipe tailored to the specific bean and made in a specific length of time. This care and consideration is key when it comes to making a great cup of coffee.

Know that coffee rather than a static material, is one that is always changing, evolving and getting the best out of it requires experimentation. Our approach is it to learn, to taste, to examine, to use those tools at our disposal to create and share a really great cup of coffee.

All in all speciality coffee is about sharing. It is about sharing what we know, sharing what we love and of course sharing an exceptional coffee experience.

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Over the following months, Espresso Library will be showcasing a range of exciting coffees. Guest @ EL will include some of the most talented roasters in the UK.

We invite you to come into 210 East Road, Cambridge and have a unique coffee experience.