Cheryl Warren

Winter River Reflections at Grantches ter Meadows 50x50cm unframed £125.JPG

Immersions in Landscape

 by Cheryl Warren

18th December ‘18 - 20th March ‘19

Cheryl originally trained in Sculpture at Bretton Hall in Yorkshire, before going on to Goldsmiths, London where she took a post graduate mixed media course. She was then an apprentice to a professional landscape painter before completing an intensive course in Advanced Paint Techniques. In 2009 she graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an MA in Art Therapy. She has been a practicing professional artist for 21 years.

‘My inspiration has long been environments, both external and internal. There is an interaction between the two that is of constant interest to me. I spend my time walking, photographing and sketching, absorbing my place in the landscape. No light, weather, texture, wind, feeling, mood or day is ever the same. I then return to the studio. I try to capture the feeling and atmosphere as well as the physical detail.  The aim is to distil the occasion into the work without marks that are extraneous or unnecessary.’