Cycling is a huge part of Espresso Library!

The purpose of the Espresso Library Team is to bring together a range of cyclists. Already establishing a strong community of local riders, Espresso Library is building a loyal following that wishes to push itself to the next level in competitive events.

Social and training rides, at a variety of speeds take place regularly as well as appearances at amateur races

The shop is a hub for anyone who wants to ride. In-shop bike storage allows anyone out on a proper ride the opportunity to grab a coffee indoors within reach of their bike. Live coverage of all major professional races attracts new and old spectators alike.

Find out more about our affiliation with British Cycling.

Join our Strava Cycling Club. On Saturday mornings we run a social ride, leaving at 7:30 am. Usually we go out for a couple of hours covering more or less a distance of 50km. Check out our events page for further details.