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Evening Tech Talk with Cambridge Coding Academy

This free evening talk will explore Data Science, DNA sequencing and the latest techniques used in bioinformatics research and healthcare

Talk Summary

Since the first Human Genome sequencing project in 2001, the cost of DNA sequencing has dropped to about 1000 USD. High-throughput DNA sequencing has dramatically expanded our understanding of disease and is rapidly advancing into healthcare. One very prominent example is the 100,000 Genome project in the UK (

We will introduce current DNA sequencing methods and explain why DNA sequencing is crucial to many scientific fields. Second, the talk will explain some data science and computational issues in the analysis of genomic data.

If you’re curious about Data Science, Machine Learning and the latest innovations in tech, we hope to see you there. Anyone welcome!

Speaker: Ole Schulz-Trieglaff

Ole Schulz-Trieglaff is a Bioinformatics scientist at Illumina’s UK office in Little Chesterford, a few miles south of Cambridge. Ole has been doing research in Bioinformatics since 10 years, first in academia and then industry. Illumina is a leading manufacturer for DNA sequencing instruments and is headquartered in San Diego, US.

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