Idolise by Jamie Ashman


IDOLISE | Jamie Ashman | Aug 14th - Oct 14th

Contemporary Artist Jamie Ashman graduated from Central Saint Martins School of art with a degree in Fashion Design and a life longinterest in Art. He worked in the Fashion Industry as an Internationally published Trend predictor and Fashion Teacher and has been painting since the late 1980’s.

‘Idolise’ is an exploration of how important Hollywood and the Fashion World are in shaping and influencing the modern culture. Using his background in Fashion Design, Jamie chose a variety of media images of famous Icons and Superstars, often sourced from the Internet, and translated the concept of stardom into oil on canvas. Depicting heroes and heroines from different cultures and periods of history, Jamie’s Portraits illustrate a reaction to the many art movements of the past mixed with TV, Punk, Acid House sampling, Rock and Roll, Fashion, Comic book and Celluloid influences. 

With fluid lines and a strong sense of design and colour, the Portraits evoke plenty of nostalgia and sentiment by excellently depicting the Zeitgeist characteristic of each of the referenced eras.