by Eleanor Breeze, Chris Brown & Julie Sleaford

Jan 14th- Mar 10th, 2017


The notion of absence is the thread that binds the work of the three artists in this exhibition, who graduated in September from the MA Fine Art and MA Photography courses at Anglia Ruskin University. Through the media of painting, photography and sculpture each in their own way engage with the flaws in representation as a conduit to knowledge. Missing information creates gateways for the imagination, allowing the viewer to create new narratives and contemplate the unknowable

Together with all the Saints

Eleanor Breeze

Through painting Eleanor Breeze reimagines memories and old photographs from her family life to create scenes that may or may not have occurred in the past.  The images hint at narrative, but ultimately remain ambiguous, making reference to something lost or just out of reach. 

Progress is Unavoidable

Chris Brown

Chris Brown delves into the conflict between a computer’s interpretation and our human understanding of a portrait. By hacking the eye sensor of a games consol to digitally record the human form he creates 3D prints revealing the computer’s lack of detail, mistakes, errors and ‘repairs’.


Julie Sleaford

Using her own body as material within her photographs Julie Sleaford challenges the value system that photography imposes on the female body.  Hiding her face from the controlling eye of the camera she refuses identification and offers the image up as a site of conflict rather than visual pleasure.  Both the landscape and body resist the idealizing gaze and seethe with unease.