N52°12'11" E0°7'54" .

N52°12'11" E0°7'54"

by Jack Clearman and Anta Mainule


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This series is about crossing and melding identities. 

Cambridge is built on people passing through, but where does that leave their identity? The sense of home may not be so clear, the borders become muddy and overlapping. This transition affects everyone in a different way, and the struggle with identity often falls short of the handful of characters our languages are built from. The approach of this work is to take on these feeling through multiple, blurred images from this place, that place, and ultimately a place we call our own.

Jack Clearman - My double exposure photos are an absolute mix of home. Using 35mm film, each image is exposed to light in Cambridge and my native Seattle, USA. In the process I lose track of which image will overlap with the other, and through this random mixing, a unbiased sense of home persists.

Anta Mainule - The feeling of belonging which stems from nationality is both intangible and finite. The further you tread deeper into new cultures, the sooner relationships with previous ones wane. Lomography offers a chance to echo the spontaneity this transition creates - the inevitable but paradoxical feeling of one sense of home fading into the next.