Office Hours by Jeremy Mulvey


by jeremy mulvey


Ever since I can remember I have wondered what Iwould do when I grew up. What was expected of me? I was fascinated by the heroes paraded before me: war heroes, adventurers and strong, skilled sportsmen. Later in my teens I was captivated by the idea of the artist as hero: Michelangelo and Van Gogh as depicted by big, handsome Hollywood film stars.

So what was I going to be? How would I be a man? Jeremy’s ongoing project ‘Office Hours’ looks at how heroic dreams are gradually set aside by the routine of making a living in office, factory or field. For alongside dreams of adventure was 

the expectation that a man should provide for a family with a steady income. 

For generations women have struggled to confound the expectations thrust upon them as girls. In a similar spirit OFFICE HOURS looks at how boyhood hopes and fears shape our lives as men. Falling, floating and daydreaming we get a chance to look at what we do and think about possible futures.

The Exhibition is on show at Espresso Library Sept 5th- Nov 5th, 2017