Paint by Channy



'PAINT' shows us a collection of works accumulated over the past five years as a result of Channy's ongoing exploration into a personal abstract language. There is a playful and illusionary aspect in the work characterised by both the narrative ambiguity of the titles and the cartoon-like visual dialogue, explicating the dichotomy between reality and fantasy.

The nod to popular culture and Impressionism here is captured through the emulation of the anthropomorphic energy from the movements' grace, set against waves of vibrant repetition and motifs that bring the composition to a dynamic, albeit precarious whole. This inquisition far removed from his figurative work has resulted in the fascination by the impact of drawn lines, colour and cohesive ambience, suggesting a deep affinity with the application of paint, which is perhaps his primary subject.


a few pictures from the private view

By Pina from One2CulinaryStew.