Scottish Hydro


By Toby Smith

Nov 5th - Jan 12th

With its raging seas, wind-swept hills and high rainfall, Britain has more potential kinetic energy for capture than any other landscape in Europe.  Nowhere is this concentration of energy more intense than the rich Scottish landscape where hydroelectricity has been providing power from the glens for over 60 years.

The project was supported financially and exclusive access granted by Scottish Southern Energy (SSE) in 2010.  Toby Smith worked closely with the communication and operations teams to research and safely access appropriate sites for the project based on aesthetic, scientific, cultural and historical significance. The project was conducted in the harsh winter of 2010 with Smith living and working from his converted 4x4 expedition vehicle.   Much of the work is shot on Large Format Film with night exposures lasting many hours. 

Many of the sites were installed and continue to operate in the manner to which they were constructed in a gargantuan post-war labour effort.  A living, breathing example of British heavy engineering at its finest that now unwittingly forms a crucial percentage of the larger sustainable energy portfolio of Britain.