The House Project

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The House Project


Vincenzo Sgaramella | June 12th - July 28th, 2015

In The House Project, Sgaramella invites us to dwell upon the architectural as well as personal and emotional concept of a house. In the theoretical aspect, work presented here is inspired by the Expressionist Architecture; going beyond function, focusing on the relationship between the architectural creation and the individual, emphasising the architect’s role as an artist whose work is done on paper. 

The large paintings play with the the exhibition space. The precise perspective together with the use of strong contrasts between light and dark create a unique effect; we experience the paintings’ attempt to negate two dimensions of the canvases and even the walls of the cafe, creating imaginary spaces and interiors.

In my work I translate aspects of everyday life like houses, cars and trees as well as things which aren’t visible like feelings, thoughts and concepts. To explore the essence of these, I combine reason and instinct through representational and abstract drawing.