Without a Sound

without a sound

The series “without a sound” revolves around the vastness and emptiness of a metropolis; the fact that being surrounded by millions can still result in loneliness. The single character that is consistently present amplifies the solitude, yet it is not solely desolation that is conveyed: despite the wide-angle shots, the photographs contain a certain introversion and vulnerability. Against a backdrop of soulless shells of immense proportion stands one person engaged with something trivial – a spool of tape, a piece of string – in an attempt to carve out a small space he might call his own.  

Roeland Verhallen (b.1989) is a self-taught photographer and recently completed his doctoral thesis on visual perception, at the University of Cambridge. By combining his photography with his academic research, he creates photographs that question the fundamental rules of observation. Intrigued by themes such as time, transience and ancestry, his meticulously planned photographic series are multivalent and rich in symbolism.

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without a sound 

The poem "without a sound" accompanied Roeland Verhallen's exhibition. It was displayed on its own on one of our gallery walls; just the words in black ink on the white background of the plaster. With no other visual distractions, the poem held its own space as a work of art itself.